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Corporate Tasting events

Vinspiration aims to demystify the world of wine in a unique, insightful and enlightening way.

Vinspiration is the brainchild of Andi Davison, a committed teacher with a passion for wine education. In 2016 Andi made the life-altering decision to dive headfirst into the wine industry, turning her enthusiasm into her vocation.

Andi has created Vinspiration to share her expertise with anyone who wants to learn about this enchanting subject. Develop your tastebuds to appreciate what is in your glass, live the dream making wine at home, or pick up some extra marks in your oenology studies with some private tuition. Whatever your path, be Vinspired!

Private Tasting Events

Elevate your soiree, with an entertaining evening of wine appreciation hosted by Andi.

90-120min Packages include:

  • Introductory wine trivia – sip on some bubbles whilst showing off your wine knowledge; find out something new or be amazed by how much wine the Aussie population can imbibe
  • Flavour Bingo – fill out your card for a full house wins a full bottle
  • Tasting hints and tips – learn how to glean the most information from your glass
  • Interactive guided tasting of six premium wines
  • Blind tasting – test your new skills and identify the varietals in two mystery bottles. Can any of your guests take it further and guess the wine region, age or price-point to win a prize?

Choice of wine tasting themes:

  • Introduction to wine tasting
  • Quintessential Yarra Valley
  • New World verses Old World wines
  • All that sparkles isn’t Champers

Online options are also available.  Please get in touch to discuss your next event!

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Corporate events

Take your team on a journey to demystify the world of wine with our tailored wine tasting experiences, for an entertaining and unique social event.

Our corporate tasting workshops are engaging and fun experiences with a hint of competition and prizes to be won.

We have multiple courses and options available so please get in touch with your requirements and we will be able to customise a package especially for you.

Please include as much detail as you can about our event or add your contact details and we'll respond as soon as possible

About Andi

“Not having been born into this industry, it is my passion, hard work and determination that fuel my expertise. I want to offer an easily accessible, fun and engaging wine education for all.”

  • Perpetual student
  • Over 15 years’ teaching experience
  • Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Agriculture degrees
  • Ph.D in Biochemistry
  • WSET 1-3

Experience in all aspects of the wine industry from the vineyard to the cellar door.  Andi is especially interested in Wine Chemistry.

Andi and her husband Phil launched their wine label, Pip & Ra Wine in 2019.  She has worked in prestigeous wineries in both Australia and the UK.

In 2008 Andi was awarded her Ph.D in Biochemistry entitled ‘The X-ray crystal structure of porphobilinogen deaminase from Arabidopsis thaliana to 1.5 Angstroms resolution’ 

In Layman’s terms, she discovered the structure of a plant protein essential in photosynthesis 

With over 15 years of Science teaching experience in Australia and the UK, Andi is dedicated to imparting knowledge in a dynamic and engaging way.

World wines hold a special fascination for Andi, and she has achieved WSET levels 1-3 in Wine Appreciation. She is hoping to begin studying for her WSET Diploma soon.

What people are saying

Vinspiration is fun, it makes me want to taste more wines! I really enjoyed the blind tasting and the flavour bingo. Great tasting selection. New World vs. Old World Wines - April 2021

Scott Symons

Winemaker - Hoddles Creek
Scott Symonds
The tasting comparison really elevated my experience in New World wines, with an excellent selection. Andi is very professional; as a host she is very entertaining, and I have never been so inspired by someone’s passion for wine. New World vs. Old World Wines - April 2021

Rosalind Cook

Winemaker - Chateau 2B
Rosalind Cook
Vinspiration is fun, educational, and hilarious! Quality information conveyed in a digestible way. My favourite parts were the quiz, animated descriptors of booze and information about top-shelf vino. I learnt how to differentiate between Old World and New World wines and how to taste like a pro! New World vs. Old World Wines - April 2021

Tom Forrest

Horticulture specialist
Tom Forrest – Portrait
The Old World vs. New World Wine theme is extremely informative and was presented in an entertaining way, featuring some exciting new wines. New World vs. Old World Wines - April 2021

Tillie Johnstone

Winemaker - Tillie J Wines
Tillie Johnstone
Vinspiration provides inspirational and informative wine knowledge, I loved it – especially the blind tasting and the comparative wines. I thought the wine selection was particularly good. New World vs. Old World Wines - April 2021

Georgia Dale

Winemaker - Georgies Wines


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